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Patrick Nally may have created the blueprint for much of modern sports marketing but he is firmly focused on the future and not the past. The Pathfinder Project is a major global initiative which is designed to help develop a roadmap for the future of sport by creating the ultimate Big Conversation among all key stakeholders.

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The International Federation of Poker is the governing body for poker, promoting poker and its Match Poker variation as a skill game and a mind sport.

As President of the International Federation of Poker, Patrick Nally has continued to demonstrate the innovation, clarity of vision and willingness to challenge accepted norms which have distinguished his career in sport.

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Patrick Nally’s determination to contribute to the successful future of sport and the sports marketing sector is highlighted to his commitment to the education of the next generations of executives, administrators and leaders.

He is a touring lecturer for the Manchester-based World Academy of Sport and a lecturer on the FIFA Master’s programme and was previously Academic Director of the IE University’s Sports Management Masters Degree Course.

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Patrick has worked with most of the world’s major governing bodies including FIFA and the International Olympic Committee developing and refining his approach to meet their individual circumstances.

The impact of Nally’s work cannot be over-estimated. It created a revolution in sports marketing which involved the identification, ownership and branding of rights and assets which could then be packaged and offered to category specific sponsors. At West Nally Patrick was responsible for bringing Coca Cola into football.

Patrick Nally is often described as the ‘founding father of modern sports marketing.’

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