Sao Paulo Arena

The opening of the Sao Paulo Arena – which will be known as Arena Corinthians after the World Cup – has been delayed time and time again and a full test event won’t be held until 10 days before it hosts the opening game between Brazil and Croatia. Add to that a number of fatalities during construction and a pretty bleak picture emerges.

But there is one positive to be drawn from the experience.  In World Cup mode the stadium will have nearly 20,000 temporary seats which will be dismantled at the end of the year to allow the host club a sustainable and manageable capacity of 48,000. The technology on which temporary and demountable stadia and facilities is now based has improved hugely in recent years and there is no longer an excuse for building monumental permanent facilities whose raison d’etre disappears once a major event has finished. “The FIFA World Cup will kick-off in front of a crowd on 68,000 at the Sao Paulo Arena, of who nearly 20,000 will be in temporary seating.  This is one of the areas where Brazil 2014 has got it right and is showing a lead when it comes to designing facilities with a sustainable future.”