Podcast: Sports industry veteran Nally calls for Olympic change

Sports industry veteran Patrick Nally has called for a “fundamental rethink” of the way Olympic Games are awarded and hosted.

Taken from www.sportspromedia.com   Nally was speaking during a wide-ranging Olympic discussion on the SportsPro podcast, looking ahead to the key decisions to be taken by the International Olympic Committee at its Session in Buenos Aires this September. The organisation is poised to elect a new president, confirm the sport which will join the summer Games sport programme in 2020 and name the host city for the 2020 Olympics during what promises to be a frantic week of Olympic discussion, politicking and voting.   • Who should be the next IOC president? • IOC delivers 2020 evaluation report   Nally, however, believes lessons should be learnt from Brazil’s recent hosting of the Fifa Confederations Cup, an event marred by politically-motivated protests in the country, and that the new president of the IOC faces a significant challenge in a rapidly changing world. “There is, I think, the need to have a fundamental rethink, review,” Nally said, “because you only need one Olympics not to work quite as well, as we’ve seen with Fifa. Fifa were absolutely gobsmacked and shocked about what happened at the Confederations Cup, as was Brazil, because Brazil didn’t do that sort of thing and then you suddenly had that momentum through young people, through social media – not necesarily anti-World Cup, but anti-corruption, anti-their government putting up bus fares, anti-lack of money going into education and other things. “We’re in a very changing world, a changing time, and despite the vast coffers of savings that [IOC finance commission chairman and IOC presidential candidate] Richard Carrion’s been able to squirrel away in the bank for the rainy day, it wouldn’t take much for one or two things to start going wrong that this thing will fundamentally crash and it would crash very, very quickly,” Nally added. “Although everybody’s perhaps sitting here thinking everything’s so wonderful, it’s the greatest brand in the world, after London we can walk on water because it’s so brilliant, so wonderful, I think fundamentally underneath there are many, many, many, many cracks appearing and if one thing went wrong at Sochi or something went wrong in Rio, this whole movement could fall about it.” To listen to the full SportsPro podcast with Patrick Nally, click here.